Wait, what? You’re making a video game Courtney?

The answer to that question is yes. Well, I am attempting to make a game is probably safer to say.

So, let’s get some of the basic info out of the way about who I am, what I am doing, why I am doing this, and what I am doing it with. If you’re more interested in the game I am making, or already know me, you can skip the section about who I am if you want.

Who am I?

For those of you unfamiliar with me, my name is Courtney Osborn. Yes, that’s right, I am a guy named Courtney and my last name is a variation of “Ozzy Osbourne”. No, we’re not related, and yes, I like my first name. Enough about my name though, lol.

The boring stuff:

I graduated from The University of Kansas in May 2015 with a degree in History (not a very useful degree). Before attending KU, I graduated from Independence Community College where I briefly flirted with the idea of majoring in Computer Science before getting scared away from it because of all of the math and complex coding. As an 18-19 year old, that stuff scared the daylights out of me. Looking back, I wish I had stuck with it instead of switching to History. Hindsight.

Since graduating from KU, I started working at a local supercomputer company. We build and sell servers and supercomputers based on x86 architecture. It’s really complicated stuff, and can be fun from time to time.

The less-boring stuff:

While attending KU, I started the website Middle of Nowhere Gaming  in 2013 as a local KU gaming podcast. I quickly became ambitious and decided to make it into a full-blown games media outlet. Over the next two years I spent ALL of my free time dedicated to growing the website into a fun and respectable site. In May 2015, right around graduation from KU, I realized that I had lost my passion for running a games media site and decided to leave. Middle of Nowhere Gaming is still a fully functioning site with a talented writing staff, and I enjoy reading what they have to say to this day.

I’ve been a gamer my entire life. Starting young playing NES and SNES games like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, etc. I would go on to own just about every console that has come out since then. Some of my favorite games/series include Dark Cloud, Kingdom Hearts, Tales, Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Mario, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Digimon World 1 & 2, Ni No Kuni, White Knight Chronicles, Pokémon, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Resident Evil, NCAA Football, Harvest Moon, and many more. As you can probably tell, I have a slight (it’s actually rather large) preference or JRPGs, but I enjoy many types of games. The only genres I’ve never really been able to get into are fighting and racing, but I see their appeal.

What kind of game are you making?

The plan is to start with a traditional RPG/JRPG: the kind of game I grew up loving, the kind I still love to this day.  Random and player-triggered turn based battles, a cool story, and lots of customization for weapons/armor/magic.  That’s the idea right now at least. This is all open for change in the future since I am still at the beginning of this project.

That being said, I am not limiting myself to only making RPGs in the future. It will depend on how this project goes, what comes up in the meantime and/or after the project.

Before I get to working on my first actual game, I am going to be teaching myself how to make them by taking online classes, watching tutorial videos, making small practice games, etc. Like right now, I am working on a VERY small RPG to practice character creation, cutscenes, battles, etc.

Why are you making a game?

Long story short: I am bored.

I’ve enjoyed playing games my entire life. I’ve also enjoyed creating things my entire life. I started a few funny video “companies” with friends back in high school, I started Middle of Nowhere Gaming in college, and I’ve done a lot of other design work in other fields as well. The job I am currently working at is not what I want to do for the rest of my life (sorry if you’re reading this boss), and I’d like to see if I could make designing/making games a career.

So this is my attempt. “Attempt” being the keyword here. I am not committing to this being my life. For all I know, I’ll crash and burn like thousands of others have done before me. But I’d be remiss to not at least try this out.

What are you making it with?

As of right now, I am using RPG Maker MV. I weighed my options for about two weeks by posing questions to other indie developers on Reddit and Twitter, and decided it was best I start with RPG Maker MV over other game engines because of its accessibility.

The long-term goal is to learn to code C# and/or other languages so I can use engines like Unity, CryEngine, Unreal Engine, etc. But being as I don’t know those languages right now, or ANYTHING about game development, I wanted to start on an easier tier.

So for now, I will be working with RPG Maker MV, while still actively learning about other languages and programs so that I can eventually use those too.

Are you interested in collaborating with anyone?

You may or may not have actually asked that, but I wanted the answer to be known. The answer is both yes and no. I would absolutely be interested in hearing pitches from people about possible collaborations. If anyone is interested in going through the learning process with me and would like to help me out and allow me to help them out, then sure.

In the future, I may or may not need someone to take over certain sections of a game, such as dialogue for a character, skill progressions, plot points, animation, character design, etc. But until then, I am not actively looking for anyone to do those things yet.

What are you going to use this blog for?

I want to use this blog for several reasons.

One reason being that I think it might help keep me motivated to continue learning about game development if I post updates on here. I don’t know that to be true yet, but here’s to hoping! It’s hard to find time/motivation when you work all day at a job, then come home and want to spend what little time you have with your girlfriend and/or playing new games or watching new shows.  First world problems.

Another reason would be so that I can share all of the resources that I find helpful. Like all of the tutorial videos I have watched lately that helped me accomplish something.  Maybe there is another indie dev out there that needs help, if they happen to stumble onto this blog, there will ideally be a bunch of tutorials collected for their benefit. Maybe.

A final reason would be so that I can post screenshots/videos of some of the things I’ve made. Like right now, I am really anxious to post a video of the opening character creation scene I made last night. I plan to soon, and this would be a great place to do that.

Final thoughts

I have no idea if I am going to succeed in this. I don’t know how far I will go with it. I am extremely intimidated by the learning process of it all. But, my life needs some change, and I feel like this might just be what it needs.

Comment below and introduce yourselves if you’d like. I’d love to get to know other indie developers and share ideas with them and get advice when necessary.

If anyone has any questions or comments they’d rather not post below, feel free to reach me at osborn2009 (at) gmail (dot) com

You can also follow me on Twitter @osborn_2009, where I ramble on about gaming news, sports, funny cat pictures, and other random things.

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2 Responses to Wait, what? You’re making a video game Courtney?

  1. WHAT UP! This is Nick / nscottg. Excited to see where you go with all of this.

    Good resource of sorts to check out while you make games and what not is Kyle Pittman’s YT channel. He’s slowly building one right now too https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8FfGEqnlyRMMdVLctjJYjA

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